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Current status of solar power


The 21st century is the age of information, and even more the age of energy! Whoever masters energy can get the initiative in development! With the massive consumption of fossil fuels, more and more problems will follow. First of all, we will soon enter the post-oil era and post-coal era! Faced with the enormous pressure brought by the increasing energy demand, the use of new energy has quickly become the focus of global science and technology, in hydrogen energy, nuclear energy, chemical power, biomass energy, solar energy, and so on. Among them, solar energy is recognized as the cleanest natural renewable resource, and it is an energy source that all countries and individuals can share.

1. Advantages of solar energy
1.1 Abundant resources
Solar energy is the most abundant energy available to mankind. According to the theory of stellar evolution, the sun can be used as a permanent energy source according to its current power, radiating energy for 10 billion years. The energy emitted by it irradiating the ground for 40 minutes is enough for the whole world to use for one year! Experts have calculated that by 2050, even if solar power is used to supply global energy in 2010, it will only occupy 2.3% of the entire ocean area or 51.4% of the entire desert, or even 91.5% of the Sahara Desert, which is an achievable energy source. Program.
At the same time, we will soon enter the post-oil era, post-coal era and even post-fossil fuel era. The recoverable life of world oil has dropped from 41.0 years in 2003 to 40.6 years in 2005. Today, we have consumed half of all proven oil reserves, and it is estimated that the useful life is less than 40.0 years. Solar power plant
1.2 Clean and pollution-free
The development and utilization of solar energy will not pollute the environment, and it will not emit any substances that have an adverse effect on the environment when it is used. It is one of the cleanest energy sources. It will cause global climate damage and environmental pollution due to excessive use of fossil fuels. This is a huge problem today. This is extremely valuable. It is a unique advantage of solar energy that is incomparable to any other energy source. Solar power plant
1.3 Widely distributed
The sun shines all over the earth, no matter land or sea, no matter mountain or island, there is bright sunshine, and it does not need transportation to obtain convenient.
It is generally believed that in areas within 50-60 degrees north-south latitude, the annual sunshine time is 1600-2400 hours, which has abundant solar energy that can be used.


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