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Explain the operation, maintenance and heat dissipation of solar panels


Have you really learned how to assemble solar panels into photovoltaic power stations to dissipate heat and deal with special weather?
1. Maintain ventilation
Whether it is a module or an inverter, the distribution box must be ventilated to ensure air circulation. For the components of the rooftop photovoltaic power station, it is important not to unreasonably arrange the arrangement of the photovoltaic power station components in order to generate more power, causing the components to block each other, and at the same time affecting the heat dissipation and ventilation, resulting in low power generation.
So, be careful if someone tricks you into installing a few more components in a limited area. Reliable brand manufacturers will provide the most reasonable design on the premise of maximizing power generation according to the situation of your roof before installation, rather than requiring you to install a few more components.

For the owners of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, ventilation should be considered, and ventilation openings can be set in the blind area of ​​the light behind the greenhouse, so as not to affect the growing conditions of crops, the temperature of the operating environment of the photovoltaic power station can be ensured to the greatest extent.
2. Clean up the sundries around the photovoltaic power station in time
To avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the photovoltaic power station, it is necessary to ensure that the photovoltaic modules, inverters, and distribution boxes are open around.
3. Build a parasol for the inverter distribution box
Household inverters are generally IP65 protected, with a certain degree of wind, dust and water resistance. However, when the inverter and distribution box work, they also need to dissipate heat. Therefore, when installing the inverter and distribution box It is best to install it in a sunshade and rain-proof place. If it must be installed in the open air, then make a simple awning for the inverter and power distribution box to prevent direct sunlight. Avoid making the temperature of the inverter and distribution box too high, which will affect the power generation.


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