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How solar generators use light to generate electricity


There are currently two ways to use solar generators to generate electricity. One is to use solar energy to heat liquid into high-pressure steam, and then the steam is converted into electricity. The other is to use solar cells to directly generate electricity. Scientific research shows that this method is relatively simple. It is composed of many mirrors spliced ​​together. The feet of the mirror are mounted on a device that can only be rotated so that the mirror rotates with the sun and reflects the sunlight to the central receiver on the elevated tower. In developed countries, this method is very common and widely used.

Many scientists who are keen on researching solar generators like to use solar cells directly. Many foreign inventions will use solar energy to play a greater role in this shared resource. For example, our aerospace equipment uses Tianyang Energy. Need energy, put a thinner silicon wafer impregnated with boron under a thin silicon wafer. This is a solar cell, which can directly turn sunlight into electricity, and the light received on the upper layer migrates to the lower layer, between the two layers. Generate voltage.
At present, there are more and more equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity on the market. This is a development trend. The application of new environmentally friendly energy to daily life and production will not only save more energy, but also save energy and environmental protection, with a longer service life. I believe In the future of technological progress, this technology will be fully promoted.


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