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how to clean a solar system?


Types of solar cleaners
There are many types of solar cleaning agents, such as organic acid, inorganic acid and phosphate cleaning agent, etc., but from the perspective of drinking water safety and protecting the chromium and nickel in the stainless steel inner barrel of the solar system from being corroded, food with relatively moderate acidity is preferred. Acids, such as white vinegar (vinegar), citric acid, etc., and then can be cleaned with hydrochloric acid added with a corrosion inhibitor (belonging to imidazolines).
Solar cleaning agents are divided into two categories, one is solid and the other is liquid. Due to the different states, the cleaning process is also different. Liquid solar cleaning agents do not need to be mixed with water, which is easy to use, while solid solar cleaning agents need to be mixed with water. When using water, the proportion of water is about 5 times of the solid content.

The cleaning and descaling steps of the solar system are as follows:
1. Open the water inlet of the solar water heater;
2. Add solar cleaning agent to the hot water storage tank;
3. Automatic thermal cycle for 20 to 30 minutes, so that the cleaning agent solution fully contacts all parts;
4. Open the drain and drain the cleaning fluid;
5. Fill the water tank with water and then circulate for two minutes;
6. Drain the circulating water, and the cleaning and descaling work is completed.
Cleaning and descaling precautions for solar systems
1. The structure of different solar water heaters is different, please adjust the use method according to the manual (recommended to be operated by professional maintenance personnel).
2. Heat the water to about 40°C for descaling, the effect is better. The higher the water temperature, the faster the cleaning speed and the better the effect, but it should not exceed 70"C.
3. If the scale of the vacuum tube type heat collector is serious, it is best to disassemble and clean each vacuum tube separately to save materials and clean more thoroughly. This requires professional solar installers to avoid tube bursting when removing the vacuum tube.


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