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How to judge the pros and cons of solar street lights


There are many types of street lights sold in the market, the prices are also very different, and the quality is also uneven. But for consumers, how do they choose when making a purchase? Because there are many criminals, they will use some poor quality raw materials for processing and production, so the quality of the street lights produced is not guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing solar street lights, it is very important to distinguish between good and bad conditions.

1. It is necessary to understand the components, and there are relatively more specific types of components. There are mainly battery panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, light sources and other corresponding components. Therefore, when selecting solar cells, factors such as the material, color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, and conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic panel should also be considered. When selecting a battery, it is necessary to understand the specific type, discharge rate, and working environment. Of course, when choosing the controller, you should also understand the waterproof performance.

2. Of course, when making a selection, you should also understand the specific matching situation. Many manufacturers produce products that are not so stable when they are lighting. The main reason is that there are corresponding problems in matching. Matching performance is one of the very important indicators, so it is very important to understand the corresponding matching performance.

3. At the same time, when distinguishing the quality of solar street lights, one should also understand the specific environment. Because of different climates, when choosing, the corresponding material requirements will naturally be different.


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