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Solar panel maintenance rules


Super useful solar panel maintenance rules, follow to ensure the efficiency of power generation
We all know that solar panels are usually installed on the top of the RV, wind and rain, and long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, dust and debris will inevitably adhere to it, put it on "thick clothes", thus Lead to a reduction in its power generation efficiency.

In addition, the load resistance formed by partial shadow shielding will reduce the power generation, and doing so for a long time may even cause combustion and fire, causing unnecessary trouble.
Regular inspection of the fixing screws and brackets can also extend the life of the solar panels of the self-driving caravan from other angles, and provide protection for your electricity consumption during the journey. I believe everyone thinks that solar panels will always be better for your body and better for power generation!
First: In terms of time, generally choose to clean the solar panels in the morning or evening when the sunshine conditions are not good.
Second: Before cleaning the solar panel, check whether the solar panel is damaged, and whether its connecting wires and related components are damaged and stuck.
Third: Do not use hard and sharp tools or corrosive solvents and alkaline organic solvents to wipe small solar panels, try to choose some soft tools such as sponges, cotton towels, etc.
Fourth: It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the entire panel, especially the corners where dirt is easy to accumulate, to avoid the load resistance formed by partial shading, which affects the power generation efficiency.
At the same time, it should be noted that if the solar panel is fixed by screws, the screws need to be checked regularly. Although many screws have good oxidation resistance, long-term exposure to snow and rain may affect the screws. Regular inspections are required to ensure that the installation is firm.
In fact, the premise that we consider the influence of various environmental factors and installation factors is that the solar cells must be brand new and excellent.
If it is not a brand new and high-quality battery, but uses other first, second, and third-level batteries on the market, there will be color differences, stains, water marks, fingerprints, damaged positive electrodes, scratches, chipped edges, and missing corners. And other problems, resulting in power loss. You bought a 100W solar panel, but in fact it is less than 100W. No matter how you maintain it, its power generation effect is still greatly reduced. In some cases, the hot spot effect may cause gradual heating, short circuit, and burning hazard.


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