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Warranty of solar panels


The warranty of solar panels involves components, inverters, installations and various other components. Owners always want to be effectively guaranteed throughout the life cycle of the solar system. They know that choosing the right components and inverters is very important. It is important to know how to install these components correctly. But when it comes to warranty, reality is always at a distance from wish.
1. Component function assurance

Functional assurance of solar panels is generally claimed for 25 years, although some manufacturers increase the warranty to 30 years. When installation companies talk about a 25-year warranty on a solar panel, it generally only considers its function and does not include other aspects of the system or the panel itself, and more component suppliers are promising 20 years.

2. Component product warranty

Generally, unlike functional assurance, most component products have a warranty period of 5 to 10 years, depending on the company that installs the component and the product it supplies. This is a far cry from the Component Functional Warranty, and much shorter, yet many people mistakenly assume that the Component Product Warranty is the same as the Component Functional Warranty. This may lead them to think that their cover-up is more secure than it actually is, and for a longer period of time.

3. Inverter Warranty

Inverters are almost always warranted for five years, but there are sometimes upgrade options that extend the warranty to 10 years or more. These upgrades are generally not free and may be offered at the time of sale or installation. Other guarantees can offer higher value if they cost less, but it's important to understand how much the cost will go up.

4. The device ensures

The warranty on the installation is provided by the installer, not the manufacturer of the solar panels or other system components. Generally, this warranty period is one or two years. In some cases, the device warranty period may be 10 years, but this is not common. Asking installation personnel about their warranty period is critical to understanding the system.


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