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What are the conditions for high-efficiency solar panels to utilize solar energy?


It mainly produces various specifications of solar panels and high-power laminated modules/monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. The whole series of modules have solar photovoltaic module panels with beautiful appearance, long life and high photoelectric conversion rate.

Solar panel products are mainly used in all kinds of solar lighting, traffic lamps, toys, chargers, electrical appliances, handicrafts, household power supplies, road traffic lights, solar garden lights, lawn lights, buried Lights and other electronic products.
Tell you about the conditions for high-efficiency solar panels to utilize solar energy: In solar energy utilization, people pay attention to the solar irradiance that can be intercepted by a lighting surface somewhere on the earth. The magnitude of solar irradiance depends on the following four aspects.

(1) Sun-earth distance;

(2) The relative position of the sun to a certain moment on the earth;

(3) Attenuation of solar radiation entering the atmosphere;

(4) The azimuth and inclination of the solar receiving surface.

Solar panel (component) production process The component line is also called the packaging line. Packaging is a key step in the production of solar cells. Without a good packaging process, no good battery can produce a good module board. The encapsulation of the battery can not only ensure the life of the battery, but also enhance the strength of the battery. The high quality and long life of the product are the keys to winning customer satisfaction, so the packaging quality of the component board is very important.


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