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What to do when solar energy encounters bad weather?



1), lightning strike

If you want lightning protection, the most effective and widely used method is to connect the metal parts of electrical equipment to the ground. Electric welding or gas welding is used for the connection part, and tin welding cannot be used! If welding is not possible on site, riveting or bolting can be used to ensure the contact surface of more than 10cm2, and the buried depth Z of the grounding body should preferably be more than 0.5~0.8m. Remember that the backfill must be compacted.

2), heavy rain

If your roof is a sloping roof, you don’t have to worry at all. If your house has a flat roof, it is best to consider the drainage problem when designing and installing a photovoltaic power station. When the rainfall is too heavy, the installation of the bracket of the flat roof is relatively low, which will cause the photovoltaic modules to be soaked by the rainwater.

When patrolling after rain, be sure not to directly touch the connection between the inverter, photovoltaic modules and power supply cables with your hands, and wear rubber gloves and rubber boots.


3), hail

Qualified photovoltaic power station products purchased from large reliable manufacturers, photovoltaic modules have been tested by hail at a speed of 23m/s, so generally hail will not affect photovoltaic modules.

However, after the hailstorm, daily inspections are also essential. If the power generation of the photovoltaic power station drops significantly or other abnormal conditions occur after the hailstorm, the owner must promptly notify the manufacturer's after-sales personnel for inspection.

4), regular inspection is essential
After the photovoltaic power station is built, the operation and maintenance should not be too sloppy, especially in summer, it is best to conduct regular inspections to ensure that the photovoltaic power station has good heat dissipation, air can be circulated, and weeds and shelters that affect heat dissipation are removed in time. Only in this way can the power generation and operation of the photovoltaic power station be guaranteed.


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