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Solar panel battery and power distribution plan selection


1. Solar panel battery selection

Solar panel batteries directly affect the power generation capacity of solar panels. The selection of solar cells should be based on the premise of high technological maturity and reliable operation, combined with the natural environment around the power plant, construction conditions, and transportation conditions, and choose the solar cell with the best comprehensive index.

2. Power distribution plan selection

The installation of solar panels for power generation on the advection pool of the power plant should fully consider the distribution of the power distribution room in the plant area. The DC cables of the battery body can be fixedly installed along the photovoltaic panel bracket, and the combiner box for collecting the DC cables can be installed on the ground near the advection pool. After confluence, the combiner boxes are connected to the DC side of the inverter respectively, and converted into alternating current through the inverter, and then converted into different voltages, which can be used for power plant life.


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