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The characteristics of off-grid solar panels


The off-grid solar power generation system consists of solar battery packs, solar controllers, and batteries (groups). If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an off-grid special inverter is also required. The commonly used battery capacity is 100Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah. It can be configured as 12V system, 24V, 48V system according to different electricity demand, which is convenient and widely used.
Traditional wind power and solar power have their own shortcomings in resource utilization. In some areas, the sunshine time is short or the wind is insufficient, and the use of wind power or solar power alone cannot meet the needs of power supply. However, wind energy and solar energy are highly complementary. When there is no wind, there may be the sun, when there is no sun, there may be wind, the wind may be small when there is sufficient sunshine during the day, and the wind may be strong when there is no sunshine at night. The wind-solar hybrid power supply system uses this principle to combine power with each other and complement each other's advantages. This system makes up for the shortcomings of independent wind power and photovoltaic systems. It is a reasonable independent power supply system and a perfect combination of comprehensive development and utilization of new energy.
The characteristics of regional off-grid independent power supply and household off-grid independent power supply are: Compared with grid-connected power generation, the investment is small, the effect is quicker, and the area is small. For two months, there is no need for special personnel on duty, and it is easy to manage.
The wind-solar hybrid off-grid power supply system is easy to install and use, and can be used by a family, a village, and a region, regardless of individual or collective. In addition, the power supply area is small and clear, which is convenient for maintenance.


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