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What are the characteristics of the solar monitoring power generation system?


We all know that solar power can solve environmental (water conservancy, meteorological, geological disasters) monitoring, forest fire prevention, highway monitoring, safe city security monitoring, communications, signal towers, field centralized power supply, wireless network bridges and other equipment power supply problems become the fastest, The most effective and convenient way. No need to set up power lines and one-time investment, no need to pay electricity bills, save trouble and worry, safe and reliable; solar monitoring power supply system does not require human operation (automatic control), has the characteristics of economy, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, etc., let us introduce solar monitoring What are the advantages and characteristics of the power generation system?
 The advantages and characteristics of solar monitoring power generation system:

1.8MW Zhejiang XingHuali Industrial roof photovoltaic power plant
   1. Determine the capacity of solar power generation according to the specific conditions of the solar energy resources in the area and the power consumption of the load.
   2. Ensure the continuous and stable power supply of all monitoring equipment.
   3. The monitoring equipment considers power supply all day, and the maximum daily power supply time is: 24 hours.
   4. Economical, practical, reliable, safe, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
   5. Continuous use can last for 3-7 days with rainy days.
   6. Can provide DC12V 24V or AC220V, 24V power at the same time.
  7. Adopt the latest colloidal/lead-acid battery as energy storage equipment, the working temperature is between -40℃~+60℃, and it has the characteristics of long life and high performance.
   8. Special lightning protection technology is adopted to ensure the stable operation of the system without interference from thunderstorms.
  9. Use special inverters and controllers for outdoor monitoring, which will not interfere with the normal reception and transmission of monitoring signals.
  10. It has a wide range of applications and is less affected by geographical limitations. The solar power system is simple to install, easy to maintain, safer to use, and very suitable for power supply for field monitoring equipment.
What are the configurations of the solar power system?
The solar power system mainly calculates the specific configuration of the solar power system according to the type and working power of the monitoring equipment provided by the user. The main factors are the use area, working time, specific power, power supply voltage, etc., so that our technicians can accurately provide customers The design and production of the supporting solar power system has reached the customer's requirements for the use of the product, and has reached the cost-effective product, and has no worries after putting it into use.


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