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Application and debugging of solar photovoltaic power generation


As a green energy, solar energy is loved and developed by various countries. Solar energy has been widely used in many developed regions. In our country, we are also actively developing and using wind energy and solar energy. We strive to apply these new energy sources to our production and life. It is applied to solar photovoltaic power generation in many aspects.

After the solar photovoltaic power generation system has been tested, it can enter the stage of commissioning and trial operation. During the commissioning and operation, the relevant specifications and design requirements must be strictly followed, and each link of the operation must be carefully inspected and tested to ensure that all links are eliminated before the system is powered on. Hidden problems, pay attention to personal safety issues during the debugging process, and be orderly. The following is an example to explain:
Grid-connected debugging stage of solar photovoltaic power generation system
The first is the sequence of power supply operations: closing, powering off, power delivery and debugging
Switch on the switch of the upper array mixing box, check all the DC input voltages of the DC power distribution cabinet, check whether the voltage supply is input, close the low-voltage side switch of the box substation, close the auxiliary power switch of the inverter, and close the inverter DC input switch of the inverter, close the output switch of the DC distribution cabinet, close the output AC switch of the inverter
Sectional inverter output AC switch, sectioned inverter DC input switch, sectioned DC distribution cabinet output switch, sectioned inverter auxiliary power switch, section box transformer low-voltage side switch
Power transmission debugging includes: high-voltage power transmission debugging, power transmission to the transformer and impact test, DC system and inverter system grid-connected debugging, etc.


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