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Solar photovoltaic power generation green new energy is worth promoting


The sun is the energy source for the growth of all things. Although we hate the strong exposure of ultraviolet rays in the hot summer, ultraviolet rays also have their advantages. Sterilization is an important point. Many bacteria in life can be effectively killed by the sun. Photosynthesis can grow faster. The sun brings us not only light, but also a steady stream of energy. Energy is very important to the earth now. The rapid growth of mankind brings huge energy consumption, and some energy is non-renewable.

Factors lead us to always do everything possible to solve them, but they always have little effect but are damaged in other ways. Environmental pollution is one of the important points. A good environment is the primary condition for biological survival.
We need new environmentally friendly and green energy sources to replace polluting energy sources, such as solar energy. Solar photovoltaic power generation is currently a widely used form. Wind power generation is also one of the sustainable energy sources, but it is slower and more restrictive than solar energy. Many, our current outdoor lighting equipment in the city uses solar photovoltaic power generation panels, which can meet the lighting needs of the whole day through the sun.

my country plans to achieve a comprehensively well-off society, and the national economy has been greatly improved. Today's rural areas are also rapidly developing in the direction of cities. In recent years, development has been placed in the central and western regions, which cover a large area and The population is sparse, and if you want to develop the local economy while protecting the environment, the use of new energy is imperative.


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