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All household solar photovoltaic power sources use lighting fixtures as part of the system as standard configuration at the factory, because lighting is the first need of household solar photovoltaic power supply users, and the use of standard DC/AC energy-saving lamps or LEDs The difference in power consumption between lamps and incandescent bulbs purchased by the user is several times. Since the cost of solar power generation is much higher than that of conventional energy sources, although the photovoltaic power source cannot meet the working conditions of a fixed load, at least a reasonable load recommendation should be given in the user manual.

Different from larger photovoltaic systems, household toenergy solar photovoltaic power supplies have realized the industrialized production and commercial sales of assembled products, which requires products to be diversified and serialized, so that users have a choice. It is worth noting that due to the differences in solar resource conditions in different places, the photovoltaic power system of the same specification and model may have different effects when sold to different regions. For example, the same product used in Guizhou and used in Tibet may generate electricity. twice the difference.
In addition, since there are energy storage batteries inside the photovoltaic power system, and the batteries have losses such as self-discharge, some batteries cannot be inverted, which makes the photovoltaic power system have special requirements in terms of storage, transportation, sales time and other aspects. There will also be different requirements for the initial use of the photovoltaic power system. All of the above need special attention. Due to the special circumstances where the home solar photovoltaic power system is installed in remote areas with inconvenient transportation, the use conditions are complex, the climatic conditions are harsh, and the product maintenance is difficult, the reliability of the home solar photovoltaic power system products has higher requirements than general products.
Therefore, full attention should be paid to ensuring the quality of the product, and at the same time, the applicability of the region of use should be fully considered in the product design, and a reasonable design margin should be reserved to make it compatible. Pay full attention to possible temperature conditions and altitudes. At the same time, we should also pay full attention to the mechanical strength and vibration resistance of photovoltaic power products.
In the case of product quality assurance, the use of solar energy products is very economical, environmentally friendly, and does not lack a sense of technology. Longxing Industrial is to provide you with the most economical and affordable household solar energy products with guaranteed quality.


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